Ranch Happenings 11/15

Hi Folks!

I am sorry I have been terrible about keeping this blog updated! SO MUCH as happened since the last update I will briefly talk about whats happened over the past year and then talk about plans for the future.

Last September we had a small tragedy happen to one of our dear goats, Crystal. There are pictures from the last update of her if you don’t remember her. Her life was cut short due to a BEAR climbing into their pen one night. I couldn’t believe it, still have a hard time believe a bear came onto our property. April was terrified, and had a bad limp with one of her hind legs. I couldn’t find any breaks or cuts on her. For April’s safety, we took her to my neighbors house who has a livestock guardian dog. We purchased a night game camera to record anything that moves. Sure enough, that camera caught photo’s of that bear climbing right over the fence to finish his meal. We had buried Crystal first thing that morning. We called a game and wildlife warden to come set a trap which was here for 3 days with no luck on catching the bear. Word about the bear had spread through Wellington pretty quickly. Someone a couple miles to the west of us trapped a bear and it was supposedly hauled to the mountains. It might have been “our” bear, we never did find out for sure. Fortunately we have not seen or heard of any problems with bears this year.

We built a much stronger and much larger pen for the goats. April has many new buddies now including Snowbell (who we bred and she had two adorable babies Butterscotch and Snickers on July 25th 2015), Dodge (our new breeding buck), Cowboy, and Nutmeg. I also adopted a livestock guardian dog, Sasha. She turned 1 in March 2015. The newest members are Standard Rex rabbits (5 total) and Californian Rabbits (2 total). We will be breeding the rabbits to sell as pets or meat. They have dug a wonderful burrow under one of the huts in the goat pen. The rabbits and goats get along well together!

We were able to purchase two tractors for maintaining the property! We are thrilled that we can keep the arena and round pen maintained for a soft riding surface. And the property looks more professional than ever before!

Onto new horses.

Rio was a Thoroughbred I purchased from the racetrack in Phoenix Arizona in hopes that he could be used as a lesson horse. Unfortunately after several vet visits we have concluded that he is not suitable for riding. I cannot afford to keep this sweet big guy so we are looking to re-home him to a wonderful and loving home where he can be a pasture buddy and not worry about being a riding horse.

Remington / Remmy / Rems: An 11 year old Palomino roan. We got him in July of 2015. He had been used in many different events including polo, dressage, reining, gymkhana, as a lesson horse and as a trail horse. He has had some time off and is currently in training to be a reining horse and lesson horse. He is coming around nicely and is a lot of fun to work with.

Now onto future plans: Since we have started boarding clients horses (yay!), we are running out of shelter for our resident horses… To solve this problem, we are getting ready to build a new 12 by 36′ shed and a new paddock for the main herd! We are hoping this will provide some wind block for the round pen and perhaps part of the arena.


Thanks for reading! I’ll get pictures posted of the new shed when it happens, so stayed tuned!
Also, APRIL IS PREGNANT! She should kid in April 2016. Snowbell will be bred soon for May kids! BABY GOATS coming soon to a ranch near you, spring 2016!


IMG_1646 9.29.14_Sasha(2) L_00989 IMG_7457 IMG_1535 IMG_4593 IMG_4745 snickersandnutmeg dodgeandcowboyandbo goatpen_2015



Kate with OCHS


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