Ranch Update & Future Plans

Hi Folks,

We have A LOT planned for this summer! I wanted to make it cost effect for folks to learn as much as they can with the time that I can offer. I thought doing a more group-based learning system may work well for some of you. The clinics are based on understanding horses on a more in-depth scale as well as hands-on learning for you, the horse enthusiast. I have different clinics planned, geared for just groundwork, just riding, and a combination of the two. I also added Liberty and Trick training because I feel we need to have FUN when we train our horses. There’s so much more we can do with our horses if we just get more creative. With that idea in mind, I thought, why not have Play Days too? That we it’s a little better cost for joining in a group, but with two hours we get more time to practice the things we learned through lessons or at a clinic. I wanted to be able to offer clinics and group learning for people that don’t have their own horse, and for those that do.

So with that in mind, bring your friends out to the ranch for a fun, safe learning experience that’s all hands-on. I welcome people to come watch us as we train or audit the clinics or group lessons. All the information is on the website, so be sure to check it out!


Jack and Indy are two new horses that I was able to lease for the summer. Jack is a 13 year old Palomino Paint and Indy is a 12 year old Bay quarter horse gelding. Both horses are in training through the month of May to become lesson horses for the summer months. I’ve known these two horses for two years now! I helped their owners Lindsey and Jeremy with their purchase. It’s been fun watching the bond between horse and owner grow over the past couple years. We have plenty of horses for you to come ride and learn from with the new leased horses, our long term boarder horse Echo, and all the OCHS lesson horses!

On to a few other updates: April had her baby goats! She had one white girl, Maybelle, and one brown boy, Dakota! Both are happy and healthy. They will also be for sale in June. Snowbell is due to have her babies any day – her due date is May 4th! I am excited to see what she has. I do plan on keeping one doe for future breeding. Goats have been an absolute blast to have!

The Future Plans of Owl Canyon Horse Services:

So this will be hard to write… I love all my family, friends, and clients that I have here in northern Colorado. Everyone has left a huge impact on me (don’t worry most of it is GOOD lol!). Through lessons and clinics I have learned so much more about horsemanship and myself. I have found that I don’t have nearly the good weather that I need to be able to improve my skills and build my dream ranch the way I wish I could. So, I think it’s time for me to take a leap of faith and take a step in a slightly new direction…

I plan to move to Arizona (Prescott or North Phoenix) in October or November of 2016 and start a southern version of “OCHS”. I would like to start up a high end boarding facility with 12-16 boarded horses. This will hopefully leave me with a nicer climate to ride more, teach more, learn more, and care for more horses. It’s going to be a financial struggle and I will have to downsize my beloved herd to make this step happen. Please think of me and my horses as we start our journey towards greater success and helping more people succeed in their journey with horses. I would greatly appreciate any and all support you may have.


I still plan to run OCHS Summer Camps as well as lessons and a few clinics here in Wellington in 2017! But, I will not be able to set up plans officially until January or February 2017. I would love to be here in Colorado from May through August for the years to come. We will see what is in store for this new chapter and adventure!

Thank you all for being so wonderful!


May the horse be with you.


Kate with OCHS


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