My name is Kate Thomas. I run and operate Owl Canyon Horse Services (OCHS) located in Wellington, Colorado. OCHS caters to the needs of horse and rider through riding lessons, horse training, and summer camps.

I’ve grown up with a strong passion for horses, reading and learning from everyone I could. I started taking riding lessons from a professional in 2001. In 2004 I acquired my first two horses. From 2007 to 2010 I worked for Blumenthal Friesian Farm. They bred and raised top quality Friesian horses in Fort Collins, Colorado. By 2010 I owned 6 horses which were used in the first Owl Canyon Horse Summer Camps for kids.

Currently there are 11 horses that we own and most are used in our lesson programs. Browse around this blog and I’m sure you will learn more about each of them, including our miniature horse mascots – Biscuit and Gravy!

Riding lessons are catered to the clients specific needs and desires. Clients learn about safe handling of horses; equine behavior; general and in depth care of horses; ground work; riding; and so much more. Clients gain understanding of how to effectively communicate with the horse from the ground and from the saddle. We focus on handler to horse communication for all styles and levels of riding.

Summer camps are for children ages 7-17.  Kids will learn hands-on horsemanship skills such as safe handling of horses both on and off their back, daily care for their horse, equine sports, and much more through fun, educational games.

My goal in utilizing this blog is to educate the horse enthusiast about everything horse related from safety, horse breeds, psychology, to training and riding tips as well as keep you up-to-date (as best I can) on what’s going on at the ranch. So if you love horses, want to learn more about horses, or just want to look at pictures and videos about horses, you’ve come to the right place!

Thanks for reading.


Kate with Owl Canyon Horse Services (OCHS)



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