Current Horses


26 year old bay Arabian gelding. Currently he is being used as a child’s lesson horse. He is also in liberty training for equine agility. Learn about equine sports in the “Equine Activity” section. I might add that Ben is my pride and joy. He has taught me a lot in the realm of horses. Being an Arabian, he is very sensitive to cues and emotions. He taught me to be soft and light, to hold back all emotion while working with horses to achieve amazing results. He and I go liberty together. I ride him brideless and bareback because of the way he has instilled his trust in me, that I am his safety, I treat him fairly, and I will do my very best not to ever lose that trust.


12 year old black Paint Horse gelding (with an awesome blue eye).  Currently being used for all level of riders. He is the main, go-to lesson horse. He is steadfast and true for the beginners and becomes more demanding for the correctness of cues from the more advanced riders.


13 year old brown and white tobiano Paint Horse mare. She is currently being used for intermediate level riders. She require’s a light but firm touch and is a little herd sour, thus making her slightly more difficult to ride. She adores attention and loves to be groomed. Anyone can handle her from the ground and often fall quickly in love with her sweet temperament.


20 year old buckskin quarter horse gelding. He is a lesson horse for beginners to intermediate riders. He is responsive to light cues. He knows the little ones need a quite and calm mind, he is the perfect kids horse. He has some go if you ask for it, but it takes effective cueing to get him to go. He loves soaking up attention from everyone.

Biscuit and Gravy: The mascots!

Both are 10 years old. They teach the younger ones about handling horses from the ground safely. Very small children love riding Biscuit. Both mini’s are in driving training and in due time will be teaching adults and children alike about the world of driving


Skywalker: aka “Sky”

17 year old black and white Spotted Saddle Horse gelding. He is in trick and agility training. He is very sensitive to cues and enjoys being worked with from the ground. He is a little more fearful under saddle, so for now I am building a bond with him from the ground. He is slowly being introduced into the lesson program for people with intermediate to advanced horsemanship skills.

Joe: “Curious Joe” or “Joe Joe”

15 year old sorrel Paint gelding. Joe is a happy go lucky guy who is used for intermediate plus level riders. His go buttons are sensitive and he happily goes fast. He has learned from his best friend, Buck, that it’s okay to go slow and enjoy the more leisure things in life. Joe adores peppermints and loves a good scratch behind the ears after a ride.


Remington: “Remmy” or “Rems”

Gorgeous 11 year old palomino roan gelding. He is a lovely guy with a sweet personality and a willingness to please. He is currently in training with Kate to become a reining horse. After he gets into shape she plans to do some light competing with him and then introduce him into the lesson program.



5 year old palomino gelding. This guy belongs to a very dear friend. He is boarded here at OCHS. His owner lets us use him for lessons and summer camps. Even though he’s a young kid, he has a huge heart. He absolutely loves kids. He would leave all horses on earth to be with his human. He’s a special boy and we are thankful for being able to use him in our program.

The herd goin' out to pasture

The herd goin’ out to pasture



Echo and Joe

Echo and Joe



Bandit leading the way for his herd

Bandit leading the way for his herd




11 year old dark bay Thoroughbred Gelding. He was purchased as a lesson prospect. However, his past racing life has left him with bad knees and a bad respiratory system.  After several vet visits we have concluded that he has a very expensive rehab to get him back into riding shape. We are sadly listing him for sale as a companion horse only to an appropriate home. Please help spread the word about our dear Rio.


Doctor Pepper: aka “Doc”

Doc lived a long life of 31 years. He lived his retirement here at the OCHS ranch where kids and adults learned about the extra special care of senior horses. He was well loved and will be missed by many.


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