Equine Agility

Are you ready to learn about an exciting new equine sport? If you know what dog agility is, you are on the right track! Equine agility is a non mounted sport where the handler cues the horse through an obstacle course. Obstacles include  bridges, teeter-totters, weave poles (or pole bending), jumps, tunnels, and much more. The handler will cue the horse at liberty (no restraints on the horse) through the pattern as quickly as they can. There are time penalties for touching the horse with your cue aid as well as for missed or refused obstacles. The best time wins!

Below is a video of how much fun Equine Agility can be, check it out!

I am currently helping clients that are interested in this sport learn how to handle the horse from the ground with a loose lead-line at first then progress to being at liberty. We start in the 50′ round pen then progress to the arena. We are in the process of setting up an agility course here at the ranch! Stay tuned as I update you on the progress. ~ Kate with OCHS


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